Jämi Mini Distance 2023

Ilmoittautuminen aukeaa noin kuukautta ennen tapahtumaa. Registration opens one moth before the event.

Maksutiedot/ payment information:

Osallistumismaksu tulee olla maksettuna ennen ilmoittautumista / Entry fee must be payed before registeration.

Osallistumismaksu maksetaan tilille FI16 2159 1800 0120 75, saaja L-SVU. Viitenro 50021

Entry fee is payed to account FI16 2159 1800 0120 75, BIC: NDEAFIHH

Beneficiary name L-SVU. Reference number 50021

Jälki-ilmoittautuminen +10€ normaaliin luokkamaksuun / Late registration +10€ added to normal class fee.


Jämi Mini Distance 2023

Jämi Mini Distance is a special dry-land event with one unrestricted competition class (DR). In the first start you must have at least four dogs, in the following at least three. There is no upper limit to number of dogs. The weight of the dog rig is determined by the amount of dogs. For every dog the pulled weight is 25kg (for example four dogs total weight is 100kg and every dog adds 25kg to total after that. Weight of the musher is not included in the rig weight. Handler is ok to have, but is not allowed to assist in the movement in any way, however handler is allowed to brake. After the official weighing it is not allowed to remove weight from the rig, even if you would be starting with less dogs.

When racing with four dogs it is allowed to use three wheeled rig, for more than four dogs you must use four wheeled rig ( for example all-terrain vehicle). The race consists of four laps of 7,8km, which must be driven within ten hours. First start is an interval start, for the ones after that you choose your start time. By completing one lap you will get in the results listings.